meet Shelby

Hi there, this blog is all about me {Shelby}, my photography, my travels/adventures, and my dog {asher}

2012 Christmas Family PhotoFB2012 Christmas Card Photo

{at the Manitou Cliff Dwellings}

{At the Parthenon in Greece}

{in Israel, on the mount where Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount overlooking the Sea of Galilee}

{us at the Galapagos Islands on the island of Fernidina, the youngest island}

I have such varying interests it has always been hard for me to pin down exactly ‘what or who’ I am. In High School I was active in Art, YearBook, Agriculture and even Cheerleading for a few years. In college I pursued a Bachelors in Interior Design with a minor in art, after college I have worked as a sales associate, entry level designer and as an Interior Design Tech at the local University.

Today, my family and I reside in Colorado Springs. I started ClarkeStudio Photography (in Dec 2009) and recently took on a part time position as a Veterinary receptionist. I love to interact with others and be a part of something. I currently am volunteering my photography skills to local rescues at no charge. All adoptable animals need photographs that capture the soul inside.

Mr. and I love the area but we know in our hearts it is ok if we have to move away. This place was available by a fluke if you ask me when we were looking to relocate. Our Grand Adventure is only 5.5 years in and there are so many other things I can’t wait to see and explore!

email @ clarkestudio{at}me{dot}com


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