Puppies + Kittens {oh my} at DreamPower Animal Rescue

Meet the newest litter of pups at DreamPower Animal Rescue, they currently have 2 litters but I only had time to photograph this set and not even all of them! They are believed to be heeler/boxer pups. And aren’t they cute!


FrecklesPuppy_DreamPower_FBMomma is a beautiful red heeler mix and is believed to be about a year old. So this is her first {and only} litter. The folks at DreamPower will have her spayed once she is done weaning her babies.

MommaCattleDog_DreamPower_FBWhen I went in to meet them the 1st time it was ‘breakfast’ time…so many squishy wiggly puppy butts!

LunchTime_DreamPower_FBNot to far from where these babies were some very precious and feisty kittens.

TeenageKittens1_FBThey were rumbling around their crate most of the time I was trying to take their photo…one feather toy can and will easily change that!

FluffyGrayWhite_FBI am guessing they are about 6-7 months old, still some growing to do with a lot of that kitten energy.

Zeus2_DreamPower_FBI had to share this photo I took of Zeus while there, he LOVES the camera and I have never seen him so well behaved. All because of a camera.

FluffyWhiteCat_DreamPower_FBI also took this captivating photo of the beautiful fluffy white cat they have. So stunningly beautiful, soft and sweet! She wanted to play and snuggle!

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