2013 update {Volunteering + Work}

I have been REALLY bad at blogging this year {sorry}…so let me catch you up on what has been happening! I have decided I am ‘trying to hard’ with my photography and decided to take a step back to donate my time and talent to a local rescue, DreamPower Animal Rescue, here in the Springs.


I am volunteering each Thursday, taking updated photos of the animals and posting them on FB with hopes to them getting adopted. I also made a new friend while volunteering, yeah for new friends! Even after being here for 7 months I still get uber excited to meet people with similar interests and that want to hang out! 🙂

Phoebe_dreampower_feb2013{Panda, cat and Phoebe, Blue Pit}


I also started a new PT job as a Veterinary Receptionist…and  I LOVE it! I admire Vets and Vet Techs and I love working with people and Clients that love animals as much as I do! Other than the early hours, I love everything about my job. Although my job has little to nothing to do with my College degree, I am so happy with  what I get to do, I don’t care. My college experience has given me more people, speaking and life skills than it ever gave me job opportunities. I am so extremely grateful and love that my life journey has brought me here! Mr and I were talking the other day about how I am an extrovert. {WHAT?!} I have never heard anyone describe me as an extrovert, but when he explained how I seek out people to be with and have companionship it makes sense. I love to be out meeting new people but it is tough, and I am a very soft spoken person. My job helps me have that sense of purpose and  gives me the opportunity to connect and talk with people that I love. Maybe that is why I was a good ‘salesman’ when I worked at Furniture row? Who knows. I just know I can’t sit at home all day with no one to talk to but Asher. No matter how much I love that furry, polka dotted face!



Having a regular job and my volunteer work are really helping me organize myself better and accomplish more. I am SO much more productive on my days off than before. I make the most of them and try to hike a few times a week. Asher and I are slowly increasing the distance we can go on our adventures. This past Saturday, we (mr. me and asher) went on a 3.5 mile hike. It felt so good to get out and enjoy the views, weather and wear short sleeved shirts! And now as I write we are accumulating about 1.5 inches of snow. 😦 As you can see, Asher LOVES to go on hikes and play in the snow. He is a Catahoula by heart, if it’s wet he wants to play in it! I have taken him to the dog park a few times in 20-40 degree weather for him to go swimming in the creek. He is my favorite goofball.

IMG_9973I finallly…found a stylist…more like I was finally brave enough to go…anyhow. She cut about 3″ off. The photo above of me was taken the day before my appt and the one to the right was taken a few days after my appt. It’s hard to see the length with the scarf but, goodness it feels so good! The worst part of having my hair cut is not being able to style it the way they do at the salon…I wish I could curl mine easier but it always seems to take about an hour…just to curl…ugh…

Any suggestions to make it easier? 🙂


PS what do you want to read about? I am thinking of blogging our next hike,  Asher also received some Honest Kitchen Food Samples that I will be reviewing, and I’d love to tell you more about some of his new toys from West Paw Designs and Kong



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