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Asher has tried a variety of foods, some recommended by friends, some by the vet and some based on personal research. I have to say though, what you feed your dog is a very personal thing. The following has been our experience with foods within our budget and/or have been given to us. If you want more info on a particular dog food, I recommend 1) talking to your vet 2) going to Dogfoodadvisor.com 3) talking with sales associates at LOCAL pet supply shops. I find the folks at petco and petsmart very nice but not knowledgeable to help you make an educated decision.thumbnail.php

As a baby we feed Asher, Diamond Large Breed Puppy, I originally chose this food for a couple of reasons. We had 2 lab mixes, rabbits and a lamb in high school, we were constantly at the Feed Store and it made sense to buy everyone’s food there. The dogs ate Diamond and liked it plus it was at a great price point. (it also doesn’t have any added red food dye. which killed one of my dogs as a young child) I also did a bit of research on Dog Food Advisor. Diamond makes a quality dry dog food. There aren’t many fillers and protein is one of the 1st ingredients! But it became clear that Asher could not stay on this food. He had the worst gas, I have ever experienced. His experience however doesn’t make it a poor food in fact I’d love to switch back but have never had good luck. Again, it all depends on YOUR dog!pro-plan-adult-sensitive-skin-stomach-dry

After visiting with the vet, we were recommended to try Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach. I have to admit, it fixed the gas problem but lead to a bit more itchy and sensitive skin. Purina Pro Plan is by far one of the better foods produced by Purina. Less additives, no food coloring but something was not working for us. It was a bit more expensive than the Diamond, and I had to go to a chain pet supply store to purchase, if I can I try to support local before chain.merrick_whole_earth_farm_adult_dog_food

I, again, did more research and talked with a few fellow dog owners at the dog park. One suggested Merrick Whole Earth Farms, it was within my budget and had great locally (US) sourced ingredients and is based in Texas. So, we began the transition to Merrick and with GREAT results! Asher has been on Merrick for over a year now. But since moving to Colorado we have discovered the ever elusive gas has made it’s way back. Individual_Product_Size_Digestion_1024x1024We did everything we could to keep from changing foods. Plain Yogurt, Canned Pumpkin…we even bought a wonderfully recommended product by Bixbi for digestive issues; Organic pet superfood for digestion, he gets 1/8 of a teaspoon 2 times a day over his dry food + a half cup of warm water. Sadly, this hasn’t worked and we had to change foods again. But I LOVE their manifesto.

For me what he eats is important. Because you are what you eat. So ingredients, mean a lot to me and freeze dried raw is another great way to get good nutrition. We received  some samples from Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried Lamb, and it had him licking his lips! Asher also got a few of the Primal Pet Freeze Dried Lamb and loved it as well. Primal uses all natrual and mostly organic foods in their raw products, everything from meat to spinach and blueberries. Now most people make me laugh when they say, ‘you don’t see dogs in the wild eating potatoes or blueberries!’. Well no, because the wild dog diet is 80% protein and 20% plant and vegetation. Dogs have a sweet tooth and their bodies need additional nutrients NOT found in only raw meat. Where as cats are 98% carnivorous, a vegetarian cat will go blind and eventually die at a much earlier age. (just because your vegetarian doesn’t mean your cat is. and if you are a vegetarian why do you have a cat? get a bunny) This is why cats are seen as finicky eaters, if it doesn’t smell, or taste like meat they don’t want it.

50013795For now we are feeding Nutro Natural Choice Adult Chicken, whole brown rice + oatmeal, as we were generously given a bag. {thanks!} Transistioning to this food was easy and Asher seems to enjoy it.

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