Flawed Perfection Jewelry {half the sky movement}

My dear friend, Megan, of Flawed Perfection Jewelry, a handmade jewelry company, made an AMAZING announcement on her  blog yesterday that I wanted to share with you!

A few months ago, my mom introduced me to Half the Sky, an amazing, heartbreaking, important book and movement. The book shares about the oppression women all over the world are experiencing TODAY, in this modern world. I started following the campaign on Twitter, researched their site, and purchased my own copy of the book. Shortly after diving into their mission, I realized THIS is how I can change lives with my business. Through their funding site, they help dozens of organizations that help women in countries throughout the world and even in the United States.

As someone who has good education, who has access to resources, who is accepted as a women, who is supported by so many, I NEED to stand up and help the millions of women around the world who do not have these advantages. As Half the Sky explains, if women have the ability and opportunity to make a living, they can rise from oppression, take charge of their lives, and make positive changes for the future generations.

According to the Half the Sky Movement website, these are the 6 main issues they focus on (click each topic for the info on their site):

  1. Economic Empowerment (something I soooo believe in)
  2. Education (one of the most universal issues world-wide in my opinion)
  3. Forced Prostitution (a serious issue, especially in the book)
  4. Gender-Based Violence (a harsh reality)
  5. Maternal Mortality (something that can easily be avoid with modern healthcare)
  6. Sex Trafficking (a growing form of organized crime)
22% of all sales from this next week will be donated to the “Half the Sky” movement. Because I turned 22 this week, I want to return the blessing to so many women around the world!
Then, from now on, 10% of all sales, every month, will be donated to the movement.
I will put the money towards one or more of their various “teams”/charities every month. Updates will be provided on the blog as well.
I’m so inspired by the bravery of these women.
I want to help bless them with the chance for a better life.
I urge you to read the book, or at least read their site, and get informed. Women in America sometimes forget about the lack of opportunities and freedom that so many women in this world experience.
If you can’t shop right now, please share about Half the Sky. For more details about what I’m doing, see my blog.
Thank you for having me on the blog today to share about something near and dear to my heart.
“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” -Kofi Annan
I encourage EVERYONE to go visit Megan’s SHOP and browse through her work {and buy something! 🙂 } Help support this cause that she cares so deeply about and affects so many world wide!

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