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After moving to the great state of Colorado, and after a few hikes in the local area. We decided that Asher should carry his fair share of the weight I was carrying in my backpack. So we purchased him the Ruffwear Approach backpack. (in blue) He can now carry some treats, toys and extra leashes when we are out on a hike. It has a clip mid way down the back for a leash to attach along with a handle and even has reflective ribbing for evening and night hikes. The backpack also has attaches in 2 places for maximum efficiency and comfort for your dog. One by the shoulder and the other halfway down the back. And this thing it tough too. He has rubbed it against rocks, cacti and tree trunks with NO sign of wear! He also know when we go on a hike now vs. a walk through the woods. Ruffwear makes some amazing products for dogs and their owners that enjoy the outdoors. I highly recommend them to anyone that like to get away for the weekend to the mountains or exploring something new.


I am a firm believer that a good tag can bring a dog home, along with microchipping in the event the collar or tag is lost but I digress. I also believe said tag should be as strong and stylish as possible. Introducing Make Your Dog Smile Tags by Hattie Rex. I ordered Asher’s 1st tag from Hattie 2 years ago. As a puppy does, he all but destroyed it. When we moved to Colorado, I wanted to not only get him a new tag but one that fit his size and age. We ordered him the ‘Hipster-stache’ tag. At least that is what we call it. I am always being asked where I had his tag made and I am happy to tell them and support her businesses!


Every dog needs a good collar + leash. I am a firm supporter of nylon leashes no more than 6′ long. Quiet frankly I am very opposed to retractable leashes and only use them when necessary on photo shoots. Asher has a custom made leather collar from 4 Square Leather. If at all possible I suggest the use of leather, it’s a wonderful natural material that has been put to the test. It has gone swimming with him MULTIPLE times and still looks great! As for a walking collar, we prefer the Gentle Leader from Premier. My vet suggested this product about a year and a half ago. I even trained my foster Basset, Daisy, to use it as it was not only the safest option but gave me the most control. The gentle leader when pulled on applies pressure to the top of the snout and the back of the head. Both very uncomfortable for your dog and stops pulling in a short amount of time. But be careful if the leader is not fitted properly it won’t work and could slide off. The gentle leader also has a calming effect on some dogs, when Daisy was spayed I left her leader on each day from 9-5 ish, as I did not need her to get antsy, while she was recovering.

Every dog need a dog bed. Some just let their dogs sleep with them. Solves that problem. But we don’t let Asher sleep with us. Not even in our bedroom. As spoiled as he is no one usually believes me when I tell them that. As a puppy he was crate trained and I believe it is essential for all dogs to be crate trained. It gives them a space, a comfort zone. When he was about a year old we began to move away from the crate and ‘put him to bed’ in his own room. He stays in his room with a baby gate. Yep a 2′ tall wibbly wobbly baby gate that I LEAN against the door frame with room for the cats to come and go. As a pup, he knocked over the gate on himself {it was secured appropriately} and since then, he stays away from it. His room currently is in Travis’ office. He has his ginormous dog bed and blankets. He is so wonderful at night. He simply goes in and goes to bed. No playing or whining…unless he isn’t feeling well. I love to make his bed a fluffy as possible, I feel better about it. When we lived in Waco, Asher actually had a whole twin bed to himself. He was still secured in the room by the baby gate. But I don’t recommend tormenting your dog with a baby gate. The baby gate works for us, and he did it to himself. He doesn’t cry about the gate he simply goes in to his room and lays down. We also have a dog bed in my office. Because Asher loves to be close to his momma! But on especially chilly days he goes and sleeps on the couch, it’s much warmer and more comfy. The beds he has are nothing more than crate pads, they aren’t anything fancy but I do add more blankets to insulate him from the floor.

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 10.28.18 AM

When we lived in Texas, Asher had constant problems with his pads. It didn’t help that his 1st summer was one of the hottest on record. And every time he played at dogtopia, his pads always came home torn up. After reading many blogs and product reviews we bought Musher’s Secret for his feet. Not only do the oils help rehydrate and heal his feet but it also helps prevent ‘snowballing’ in the winter. He hates to have the stuff applied but, I can tell he does so much better in the snow after applying Musher’s.

HomeAgian Tag HomeAgain Tag_4 HomeAgain Tag_1

As you have read, Asher has a collar, tag, registered with the county but he is also microchipped. I had him microchipped at the same time he was neutered, and got the last of the puppy shots. Our cats are also chipped. It was quiet easy to manage when we moved and change our address. Our subscription has ‘expired’ but should someone get lost, pick up by Animal Control and be scanned our contact information will still be there. The HomeAgain Subscription provides:

Since we have failed to renew our subscription we don’t have access to the lost pet hotline, and the 24 access pet medical hotline or the travel assistance. But all that matters to me is they are chipped. Next to having my info tattooed on their body I have done almost everything I can do to ensure they come home safely. Microchipping is not required by law but if you have the option it isn’t overly expensive, I think it was $20 to chip each of our animals. And that included a year membership {$16 value}.

As with any dog supply recommendation, please by supplies appropriate for your pet. So read the package, and ask sales associates/your vet what they recommend. And if you ever have trouble with a product, contact the manufacturer. Generally, they will replace it or refund you as long as you don’t given it to a pack of lions and claim your dog did it. These are Asher and my personal experiences and opinions. If you have questions about any of these supplies don’t hesitate to ask! I’d love to hear your opinion or concerns!  Some of the photos used are quick snapshots I have on my computer. Most are instagram photos, follow me @clarkestudio

Next week: Favorite things {dog food}


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