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Asher has a lot of favorite toys, mostly because he is spoiled and partly because he can destroy anything with a squeaker within 2 weeks. As a puppy we had a variety of toys but found he was a chewer. In fact, destroying his 1st ‘Beary’ within a few weeks of bring him and it home. We replaced Beary 1 with Beary 2 made by Coleman and thought to withstand the mightiest chewer. We sadly ‘buried’ Beary 2 before our move to Colorado Springs. You can only sew up the same holes so many times. We also learned that Asher is an extremely aggressive player. I have to assume the catahoula and heeler in him says to destroy every toy he gets in his mouth.


We have a rope but it is for supervised play only. Otherwise there is only little pieces of string strung all around the living room. One of the best toys we have EVER invested in was a Jolly Teaser Ball made by Jolly Pets. It will keep him entertained for so long! The tough outer plastic can withstand his chewing (with supervision) and we haven’t had to buy a new one yet, it’s about 9 months old. Our cats even get in on the fun, batting at the ball inside. This toy was actually recommeneded to us by the Blue Buffalo rep when we were shopping at Petco. Best advice ever.Jolly Ball

We also have a KONG. Our original Kong was destroyed after a 1.5 years of hard play. I am talking about the Red Classic. It made it through the puppy stage and the play of a foster dog. We replaced it with the Black Tough Kong, but it was lost in our move to Colorado. So, we quickly replaced it with the Kong Traxx. Asher loves to put it in his mouth and squeeze it! Add some organic pumpkin and freeze and he is in doggy heaven. It’s also fun because it can roll away if propped up right. Another KONG toy we have is the Classic Red Kong Ball. We were playing with the ever so much fun Cuz Ball, but since it is hollow, it was no match for Asher’s jaw strength and exceptional chewing. The Kong ball is SOLID rubber. It is a huge doggy bouncy ball, I’ll admit to bouncing it over the fence a few times…{8′ privacy fence}. Another great toy that Asher loves, with supervision, is to retrieve his Kong Wet Wubba when swimming. We have a regular Wubba (purple) for fun, squeaky indoor play as well.


Our KONG Classic Ball.


For Christmas this year, Asher got what all the cool kids at the dog park have. A Chuckit. Haven’t heard of it? You must not have a retrieving dog! If you do have a dog that will go and get the ball all day, every day, until the end of time how about you save your arm and get a chuckit? Made by Canine Hardware, this is a great toy for the working dog. Asher loves to run at the dog park, and I’ll be honest I’m not athletic enough to throw the ball as far as he would like. So, he has the full length medium ball launcher, seen HERE. It doesn’t take long for him to forget there are other dogs to play with. All he wants is the ball in the blue stick. The Medium launcher can also throw a standard tennis ball, however, tennis balls are not good for regular play for your dog. The Chuckit brand tennis balls have thicker walls to prolong life and decrease chances of the ball being punctured. They also sell a variety of other balls that fit in the launcher for various actions; the evader that bounces sporadically or the Max Glow that allows you and your pup to play in the dark. We hope to add the duck diver to our collection this summer. Because Asher LOVES to go swimming!

As you can tell, my guy is a chewer. No soft mouth for this catahoula/heeler mix. So we need tough toys. The Jolly Pets and Kong toys are great for interactive, mind stimulating play. But just for chewing we needed something tough. Enter NylaBone.


As one of the 1st toys I bought for Asher, we have never had too many Nylabones. But it took us a while to figure out exactly which one my guy needed. He could destroy the bones in his weight range easily, then we found the powerful chewers line. Nothing cute about these solid nylon bones. And since finding this line we know we can’t buy him anything else from them unless the powerful chewers stamp is on it. The negative to the Nylabone and hard white bleached bone is they are extremly hard on the teeth and can wear them down. That is why I really like and encourage him to chew the antler instead.

Elk Antler

A more natural chew , is elk and deer antlers. Antler’s are sourced naturally and cause no harm to the animal (deer, elk, moose). The outside of the antler is hard like your fingernail and the inside marrow is very yummy. Or so says Asher. If you want to buy one for your pup and aren’t sure they will like it you can get what is called a split antler. These antlers have been cut in half thus exposing the inside marrow. Asher destroyed one of these in 2 days. Hence we get solid ones now. 🙂 Now these antlers, don’t smell, get soggy or ruin your carpet the way some bones do. And they are healthier and pass through your dogs system easier than raw hides. {which I don’t recommend anyways}

As with any dog toy recommendation, please by toys appropriate for your pet. My guy is a chewer and therefore I can’t give you a great review of stuffing free or squeaky toys, other than Asher loves them and I hate spending money on something that won’t last longer than a week. 🙂 So read the package, and ask sales associates what they recommend. And if you ever have trouble with a toy, contact the manufacturer. Generally, they will replace it or refund you as long as you don’t feed the toy to a pack of lions and claim your dog did it. These are Asher and my personal experiences and opinions. If you have questions about any of these toys don’t hesitate to ask! I’d love to hear your opinion or concerns!  Some of the photos used are quick snapshots I have on my computer, I don’t usually photograph Asher with his toys. 

Next week: Favorite things {dog supplies}

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