Merry Christmas from The Clarke’s

Well, at this time of the year my husband begins to cringe…mostly cause he hates the idea of the christmas tree, but also because I insist on a family photo. He hates to have his photo taken and he gets it from his dad. Maybe it’s just a guy thing? Any how once a year I am allowed a family photo…except on vacations when I demand them! 🙂

2012 Christmas Family PhotoFBWe took this on the steps in our backyard. I got Asher to look at the camera by balancing his GIANT red Cuz ball on top of my camera, I am literally holding on to him in the photo, so he wouldn’t charge the camera!

I also did our Christmas Cards this year, the design is from Photo Card Boutique. I love all her designs so simple and really compliment the photo.

photo copy

I ‘edited’ a photo of our card with my ever favorite Instagram.

2012_ChristmasTree_FBAnd this is our 2012 Christmas Tree…the almost 20 second exposure caught my kitty running through the room and stopping just long enough to get his tail…I also promise we have more presents under the tree. And I am so thankful for them because 1) the cats nearly knocked the tree over at least 3 times because they could get all the way up under there and ‘play’ and 2) because last Christmas was very very small for Travis and I, just one gift a piece. Although it was small we loved it and were happy to spend the day together.

We have also been enjoying the SNOW, here in Colorado.


IMG_8619We got quiet a bit of snow last Sunday, of course Asher LOVED it…and I did too if I hadn’t had to go to the north end of town at 11 in the morning. I just didn’t feel 100% about driving on/in it when the roads really had not been cleared. But I made it alive and had a great time photographing for the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue!

I also took Asher with me on Tuesday up to the Pet Pantry to have his photo taken with took some coaxing but it eventually happened!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


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