Instagram Thanksgiving


At Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub downtown…Travis got 4 shots of Jameson Whiskey…such refined taste!

At Helen Hunt Falls

enjoying the view!

 at the top of the Helen Hunt Falls Trail

I was explaining to Asher how he 1) wasn’t allowed in the water and 2)how COLD the water was…I don’t think I convinced him!

Then we hiked at the Garden of the Gods!

 It was Salem’s birthday so we celebrated with hot chocolate at lunch in OCC

And Champagne at Dinner!


Tuesday we visited the Re Rocks Ampitheatre  and downtown Denver

Galileo Machine Exhibit

Wednesday we went to Buena Vista and visited the Hot Springs…there were ducks there but not in the hot springs pools…thankfully!

Mom in Law insisted on going to the Colorado State Capital building and climbing to the mile above Sea Level step…although we were MUCH higher at Helen Hunt Falls on Monday…It was still fun and glad we got to go!

My biggest contribution to the meal…blueberry pie…and doesn’t it look fantabulous! It was good too!

I then re purposed our left overs into personal sized pot pies…best way to eat thanksgiving dinner the day after!

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