Life in {instagram}

Asher got a new bleached bone from mom, when she, haley and grandma came to visit! He for some reason just likes to hold it in his mouth like a lollipop!

Shade posed for me. Silly cat is so funny, when I get up usually 20 or so minutes after Travis this cat acts like his savior just walked in the room! I always have to ask if they have been fed b/c this one leads me to believe they haven’t!

My IKEA cat…

I love these faces.

My new custom designed Uncommon iphone 5 case came in! I LOVE it…plus they make amazing cases! Used my last one for 2 years and never had a problem!

President Obama won the election. I’ll be honest I am not particularly patriotic {so no i did not buy this mug for myself} but I felt the need to drink my morning coffee out of it on November 7th.

My newly re designed and fully readable business cards came in…loving the neon colors right now and they really make me stand out!

And on Monday, my GREAT Grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday! She is such an amazing woman! Happy Birthday!





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