Life in {instagram} photos

It has been a while {oops} since I updated you on my daily going ons with instagram photos…sorry about that…any how…so a few weeks ago I convinced Rachael that we should hike the Crag’s before FALL actually set in…so we did…4.6 miles round trip and about 1000 ft elevation change on top of being at around 10,000 feet…it was exhilarating and wonderful…some of the most beautiful scenery in the world…and I can say that!

Near the top, you can actually see the cold front that would blow in our first snow of the season..

He is such a champ and a GREAT hiking buddy…especially when you think mountain lions are around…

We were freezing to death at the top, with strong wind and the temp dropping around 10 degrees, but we were so excited to have made it!

First Snow!

I made Roasted Butternut Squash Soup for the 1st time ever and it was fabulous! Thanks Dot in the City for the recipe!

And this year for Halloween, Asher was the ‘Carrot Killer’. It was awesome.

Hope all is well, wherever you are in the world!



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