Apron Swap…with High Heeled Love

My apron swap was with Aubrey S of High-Heeled Love! Look at all the wonderful goodies I got!

Eek! A LIME green spatula! and teaspoon/tablespoon measurers…{i’m not entirely sure what they are called but goodness they are cute!}

and my super freaking cute apron!

Thanks, husband for taking my photo! πŸ™‚ I LOVE full length aprons..because I am prone to getting everything that is IN the bowl on me! LOVE it!

Another, artsy photo of my measuring scoops! I love the colors!!! Thanks Aubrey! I love all of it and thank you for all the time and effort and the beautiful card!! I am so glad we could connect with each other and have a wonderful Fall season!


4 thoughts on “Apron Swap…with High Heeled Love

    • Thanks Beth! I wanted something that was more..ME..and this is what I came up with! I practically have a new set of kitchen tools and aprons! This was so much fun!

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