A gift from the Almighty

So a few of you know that recently I went through a very strenuous interview process for a position as a Veterinary Receptionist…2 in person interviews and one 4 hour working interview. And I found out on Wednesday (1 week ago) that I did not get the position. The other candidate simply had the experience having previously worked at a Clinic. Then on Friday, I was still feeling pretty blue about it and Rachael texted me asking what I was doing for the day…when I said nothing she suggested we visit Buena Vista and go to the Hot Springs…sounded like a wonderful idea to me. I was being a debbie downer, and needed to get out. So, we drove up and spent the afternoon, snaking on Pumpkin Bread, drinking Mexican Hot Chocolate, and soaking in the natural hot springs…I confessed my recent struggles and what God was telling me…

Be at Peace…because Christ preached Peace…

Ephesians 2:14,17 (parapharsing)

I spilled my heart the whole time. My struggles finding my own community, a church of our own, and being stereotyped as a ‘pastor’s/seminarian/direct line to God’ wife. I talked about theology, my family and my old church. And I listened. I listened to Rachael confess things and struggles I can’t imagine going through myself…we lifted each other up. She heard my own views on theology, Church, community, love, Christ, and life. And between Buena Vista and Colorado Springs, down in the valley God gave us a reason to proclaim HIS glory.

He painted the sky in front of our eyes…I was in near tears watching the sky transform in front of me…the colors, the clouds, the mountains. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my entire life. I hope these photos captured a tenth of the beauty I experienced coming home that night. There are no words to describe how wonderful it was to be reminded that He is the original Creator. 

Keep Creating, Keeping networking, Keep up with all that I have on my plate.

His plan is larger than I can even comprehend right now…and I am so so thankful that He can see the whole picture…I just need to have faith and be at peace.


2 thoughts on “A gift from the Almighty

    • Thank You Aubrey! I have come to terms with confession, it used to be very hard for me but I found the more I confess my struggles…the easier I am relieved of them. God works in wonderful ways!

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