Bear Creek Dog Park {Colorado Springs, CO}

So in Texas, not everything is bigger and better. Bear Creek Dog Park proofed that for me today. It’s a 25 acre dog park, with a creek running through it. With a 3/4 mile walking loop, although if you know my Asher boy we spent most of our time in the water.

not to mention that ^ is the view…I don’t think I could ever be tired of something so beautiful…not to mention today is the 1st day in a few that the sun has graced us with it’s presences…

Goof ball loved exploring the trails by the creek.

Seriously folks, I loved this park as much as Asher.

We played with this Saint Bernard forever. Running up and down through the creek…

then we found a tennis ball and we didn’t care about anyone else…{typical}

Yucca fruits that have dried out…

Needless to say but we had a ball. really.


5 thoughts on “Bear Creek Dog Park {Colorado Springs, CO}

  1. It is beautiful there and I know you are taking it all in. Have you looked for a job yet? Looks like you and Asher are have a lot of fun.

  2. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know you’re in Colorado Springs! I’m actually from there 🙂 Holler if you want any recommendations…it’s been 8 years since I lived there, but we still make it out about once/year to see my fam. ❤ Colorado

  3. Hi. Did you move there from Texas? I stumbled upon your great pics cause I saw
    a a bumper sticker with Bear Creek Dog Park Colorado Springs on it. I’m in Austin and contemplating moving to CO sp area!

    • Hi Adria, yes I moved and lived in Colorado Springs for 2 years. Bear Creek is one of the top 10 dog parks in the country and perfect for dogs with good recall. If you do move to CS I promise you’ll love it but it is more expensive than Texas!

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