The Crag’s Campground Trail

So, my friend Rachael texted me this morning asking if I wanted to go hike up by Woodland Park…well I wasn’t planning on hiking but I just got back from the DMV, put the whites into the dryer, the darks into the washer, and dinner into the crock pot so I thought a hike sounded like a GREAT way to spend the rest of my day!

After quiet the adventure in looking for the trail head, we finally stopped and asked for directions and boy this hike was worth the wait! It was a little tougher on us than we expected and it started to rain on us but boy was it beautiful! Asher loves hiking and exploring new places too!

It is still a little green but in the next few weeks, all the aspen trees are going to go from green to yellow to orange then red…we saw a few yellow today. Rachael loved my ‘child like’ wonder every time we turned the corner to more color, another view.

So beautiful! Luckily, we didn’t run into any bears or other wildlife. Since the Waldo Canyon fire and the drought it is expected to see a lot more bears this fall. Rachael and I are hoping between the two of us talking and Asher, the bears will stay away! {we also hike mid day so that should be to our advantage as well}

 Here is Rachael, she thought it was funny that I took her picture with Asher. But I wasn’t too keen on the idea of walking him and carrying my camera so she walked him for the 1st half of the hike until I put my camera away. She has been so great at encouraging me to hear what God is saying and to see God in nature. I find Him so easily on our hikes and feel so blessed to have made friends with her! And in case you didn’t see the photo of me and asher on Facebook, this is the one Rachael took of us! I love this place.

HERE is more info about the trail…


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