Hiking at Garden of the Gods


This is truly, God‘s country…the landscape and all not ‘we are a Christian Nation’ sort of way. I made a new friend via Craigslist, and we are having so fun exploring this park!

This is apparently the oldest structure on the Garden of the Gods land…and possibly in the area…it looks ancient but well maintained. Fun little discovery on our walk.

Pretty cool old mud oven…I assume…unless it’s a really impressive termite mound

Rachael giving Asher some love…he likes her!

He enjoys our adventures…and even makes friends! Today it was a Old English Sheep dog/Poodle Mix…and big fluffy relaxed puppy.

I’m not sure about you but I could look at this all day…really.

we hiked for 2 hours, and Asher helped himself to a sand bath…so he helped himself to a real bath once we got home. I have to admit I love having this big tub just to wash my dog.

Then he slept all afternoon, I may have dozed myself but this guy was dead to the world…and still is as I type.



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