Smile for a Cure…benefiting the The National Canine Cancer Foundation

it’s back, and now I am taking sessions right here in Colorado Springs!

• Smile for a Cure is a charity program that raises money for the National Canine Cancer Foundation through pet photography.

• All the photographers in the program, including myself, donate 100% of their session fees to The National Canine Cancer Foundation, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health issue in dogs.

• It’s a great way to get wonderful photographs of your pet by a professional pet photographer &

• At the same time, make a tax deductible donation to help fight canine cancer!

• If you are in Colorado Springs, you can contact ClarkeStudio Photography via my website to set up a custom photos session for your pet.

• You can also visit to see the entire list of participating photographers nationwide. We have photographers all across the country (close to 100 nationwide and in Canada), so if you have family or friends with pets in other states, you can tell them about it too!

• We also accept donations via the website at that are fully tax deductible.

• We are very excited to report that we raised over $10,000 last year and we are hoping to double that this year!

• Which is so important because….STATISTIC: canine cancer affects 1in 3 dogs and of those, over 50% will die of cancer. 

• 100% of the proceeds from the program go to The National Canine Cancer Foundation to fund grants directly to cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find better treatments and early detection methods, and ultimately a cure.

• Many people don’t know this, but much of the research on canine cancer is of benefit in the treatment of human cancers as well which makes this work all the more important.


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