Real Instagramming with a Holga…

So, who has Instagram?

me too! {follow me, @shelbylclarke}

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So recently my hubs bought us a Holga…now I know this sounds primitive but a Holga is a camera that uses film…yeah…how many of you kids know what FILM is?! (120 film actually but you can put 35 in it too with some modifications…)

this is our 1st holga, the jack white Holga 120 CFN with red and white flash options. it’s a total blast to use and gets lots of looks from people when we go out to shoot.

this is what hubs bought me, when we decided sharing was too much for us…these fun cameras were the inspiration for instagram…here are a few of my photos from our 1st roll of film…

I love the natural vinette the holga gives the photos, and the retro look of the colors and lack of saturation! So much fun and the wait to get the film and cd back was AGONIZING! especially in a world of shoot and look!

One thought on “Real Instagramming with a Holga…

  1. W O W
    Good husband you have!!!
    I have never heard of these camera but I think you are going to have so much fun!
    Cute camera, love the white and red.

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