New Photo Tools {and an announcement}

So, on the 27th I made the drive to Golden, CO to pick up a few things I bought off Craigslist…

my loot on the way home…a few people…knew what I was going to get and I am hoping I can finally become what I have always wanted to be. An Artist.

In High School, I was introduced to photography. Black and White film, 35mm cameras, and a darkroom. For 3 years it was a refuge, to create and relax. Since I have always wanted a darkroom of my own, it wasn’t a uprise when I brought it up to my husband for the 1000 time…but this time he was like, ‘That sounds like fun and we could do that together…’ So, I got on craigslist and found several people selling enlargers but most were out of my price range…until I came upon 2 different ads…each for just $20.

this enlarger, sells on B&H for $649, see it here. and it came with a slew of supplies that I wasn’t expecting…

a book, easel, negative focuser, gray scale template, film developing tanks, chemicals (all which are bad) thermometers, graduates, beakers, aa timer, magnifier…the second enlarger I got came with a timer, easel, a few trays and tongs… the second enlarger is also strickly a B/W enlarger the Beseler is a color print maker…

words are not there to describe how insanely excited i am…


look for prints to be listed here

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