the move to colorado springs


warning: lots of photos and not all were taken the safest way possible…


almost finished, packing…we are all exhausted…


good bye waco!!! pulling out of the drive way!

loving on my mama! we spent a few days with my parents before we headed to colorado…

saying bye to dad!

on the road!

we {asher and i} stopped for a potty break between witchita and amarillo…it was quiet possibly the most dangerous potty break ever.

we all met up in amarillo, and ate at the Big Texan!

sleeping at the hotel

packing up for the last leg!

my few leaving amarillo, a lovely little rain storm and a wonderful rainbow!

home sweet home!

having fun! we didn’t have furniture for a few days, so this tub was great for playing games! even asher wanted to join in!

We went to Garden of the Gods, with our friend Keith. He took this great family photo of us!

we also went to the Olympic Training Center, it was really cool and I’m so glad Keith wanted to go there!

silly boys!

the flame is only lit during the olympic games! winter and summer! and it was pretty cool to see it lit when we were visiting!

this is just the beginning of the journey. the move went well and we got our POD right on time. unpacking has been quiet a different story. in fact, this only solidifies why i don’t want to move again…in fact we are loving colorado springs! the weather has been fabulous! high in the 80’s and lows in the 50’s. it’s been wonderful! the job search is still on, and travis starts his new job on Monday!


2 thoughts on “the move to colorado springs

  1. So happy you are enjoying your new home. You live only a couple of miles from my sister-in-law and her daughter got married last September at the park by your house. I had no idea you were that close–but I googled your address and there you all were.

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