I wanted to write this blog after the blog for my sisters wedding but I don’t have any photos to share year and therefore am going to wait until I have those so YOU can have a visual! 🙂

So, have I mentioned how much I hate packing??

Well, I do.

And if it wasn’t for the fact that my mom, dad, cousin kenny and aunt kim came to pack the POD with us after the wedding I’m not sure it would have gotten done. {thanks guys!} I am so so thankful for them!


I haven’t seen kenny and kim since the summer of 2005. i dearly missed their faces! they surprised haley by coming to her rehearsal and wedding all the way from michigan! it was quiet the reunion and was fun to catch up with them. the best part was travis knew who they were before i did! and this was the 1st time he met them!


of course my bestie, Kendra came over…she says she helped but it seems to me she just snuggled with asher the whole time! {just teasing!}

my bubba boy.

between all the help moving furniture and boxes into the POD and friends taking furniture AWAY, Travis and I only had to pack about 10% on our own…and we finished at midnight the night before it was to be picked up…boy were we tired. now the house is mostly empty and there is no where to sit, no tv to watch and nothing to do but clean…and that is what I am doing this evening and tomorrow morning. and my in laws are coming to help! {woo hoo!}



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