Good Bye Baylor

On July 20th, I left baylor.

After working there for 3.5 years, i separated from the university. but not without reason, as you know we are moving to colorado springs. i thought leaving baylor would be easy. in fact, it was hard. my fabulous co workers bestowed on me a wonderful day full of good food, gifts and memories.

It all started when i FINALLY arrived at work, left late and then forgot my phone…once I made it to work there were several gifts for me to open; a wonderful gift/snack basket from my office manager {C} and a very large bag from James Avery…inside were 3 small boxes…a charm bracelet, colorado charm, pendent charm, and the cowboy boots charm along with the james avery cleaning cloth…a gift from all the faculty and staff of the department. i will miss them, their kindness and hospitality. last friday on the 13th, my supervisor, Dr. W started all this James Avery craziness with 2 charms, a texas and the BU charm. i lost my charm bracelet from my childhood in december 2010 when our home was robbed.

After what seemed like christmas in july, C then made me breakfast, cinnamon rolls with cream cheese filling, strawberries and an egg casserole. it was so good! and very kind! at the beginning of the week the admin assoc and friend B told me she would take we where ever i wanted for lunch one day, well i saved that for my last day… so C, B, me and Dr. B {my id faculty supervisor} went to lunch at my ever favorite Cafe Homestead…once again it didn’t disappoint! in fact i am sad i never ordered the Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Sandwich before today! {you should totally try it along with the peanut butter pie} after our lunch ‘hour’ we went back to the office for me finish up a few more things, and go to my exit interview at 3…

now for the next 2 weeks, full of packing and 2 weddings for some lovely ladies that i love dearly, and moving on to colorado springs!


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