My WONDERFUL 26th birthday celebration

A couple of days before my real birthday we had dinner with our long time, waco friends, Ashley and Nathan!

(All photos by Ashley Smith Photography!)

my birthday cupcakes!

Apparently as you get older you get fewer candles!

Ashley and I have become such good friends since coming to Waco, our husbands both attended Truett Together and graduated last December. She loves photography the way I do and we have so much fun together!

He hates to have his photo taken, but I always insist upon it!

Then on my birthday, Travis took me to eat at my favorite restaurant in waco! Homestead Cafe! It was fabulous!

Afterwards he took me shopping! After getting a new dress at old navy, we went to Bear Mountain and I got a new pair of KEEN hiking boots! Colorado look out! I am so ready to get out and explore!

While at homestead cafe, we saw some friends of ours who bought me a slice of their ever famous peanut butter pie! I saved it until that night and couldn’t finish it! It was so sweet but so good!

Then, on Sunday night, my best friend and I got together for a little early/belated birthday dinner. I made dinner and she brought the wine! Ken got me 2 picture frames with photos of us from our photo shoot in Austin and a way cool shirt from Nacogdoches, the town were our alma mater college is located. I will totally wear it in Co Springs and send her a pic! {Maybe from the top of Pikes Peak?}

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