Kitchen/Mud Rooms + Creative Spaces {Summer Series 2012}

Last week, I forgot to write my summer series post…we were out of town in Co Springs most of the week and it slipped my mind, so I am making up for it THIS week with 2 parts!


Mud Rooms; In our current house we don’t have a utility room, our washer is in the kitchen, and the dryer is in the garage that has been converted into a room. These are a few that I love and would like to include when I design my own home.


LOVE this spacious was room. Image an island in the middle to help with folding.

Think I would use this shelf for more functional purpose, maybe even some baskets to sort per person in the house.

I love this idea except I don’t think I could reach that! Maybe modify this for short people.


I will have a doggie bath in my utility room!

Kitchen; We have an especially small kitchen {upgrading in our new home in Co Springs} not nearly enough storage and it’s not as cute as I would like but has AMAZING potential!


Love the color, but I really love the facet hardware! So unique and pretty!


Painted cabinets add additional spaces of color to the space.

I love the warm wood tone with the cool blue back splash! very colorful and lively!


I love the use of texture, the rough brick with wood flooring and the smooth granite counter tops. The chandelier has a very old world style to it and gives the kitchen a much more rustic feel.

Office and Craft Spaces; I am always telling myself if I had the perfect office working wouldn’t be tough. It would be easy. Not sure if that is actually true but these spaces make me WANT to craft and be productive…


I love the open shelfs, being able to sit and look up and see exactly what I need would be so much more encouraging than rummaging through a drawer or dark closet.


I love organization, maybe i’m a little OCD but to have everything in it’s rightful place puts me at peace and I’m sure i wouldn’t be as frantic when looking for something.


I love that the work space is in the middle of the room and and shoved against some other wall. Love the use of the ladder shelves as practical storage and not for whimsical nothings.



How do you not love a room that is painted in mint green? I’ll give you that it is small but it is an effective use of space with ample storage!

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