our 5th anniversary…

It has been 5 years, since travis and i got married…there were times i thought nothing in the world could be tougher but also so sweet.

We were so young and cute!

My all time favorite photo from our wedding.

My dress…

Any how, 5th anniversary.

So Travis has been so creative over the past 5 years coming up with unique and fun gifts that fit the traditional anniversary gift list, here is what I have received in the past:

1-Paper, I got a book on 1001 unique furniture designs

2-Cotton, I got a VS gift card

3-Leather, I got a book and a leather bookmarker

4-Fruit or Flowers, I got  beautiful roses

and number 5

Wood, he bought me the baseball charm for my pandora bracelet and a small wooden bat at the Sky Socks Baseball game! Baseball has been a huge part of our relationship from the time we were dating to seeing Biggio‘s 5000 hit the day we returned from our honeymoon. It was a very baseball themed anniversary! We had a wonderful time at the Sky Socks game and couldn’t have asked for better seats…except maybe ones with arm rests! ;-}

That morning we did have the chance to go to Garden of the Gods, it was so pretty…

It was so beautiful and clear, and it was still green! Such a beautiful area!

This is my Ansel Adams inspired photo.

And here is us, on our 5th Anniversary at Garden of the Gods

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