Living/Dining {summer series 2012}


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I think the living room should be a space for everyone and allow guests to really get to know your family just by the space. I love fun colors on the neutral walls and sofa. I love all the art, graphics, and mirrors on the wall! There is no right or wrong to this just compiling all the favorites on one wall!

I love all the soft colors with the the pops of pink! Love the simple curtains and unique pairings of colors in this space. The neutral rug pulls everything to the center of the room, and the white casement pieces allow for a light and airy feel in the space.


I love bright colors and neutrals paired together…the sofa table adds nice height behind the sofa and provides additional light during the evening hours. Would like to see some kind of curtain to pull across for privacy, or wood shutters/blinds.


I LOVE this floor! The white washed walls are so pretty, with the beige furniture and the light blue pillows. I find the checkered chair a little odd for the space. But love the white “skin” rug.



Simple, Symmetrical, and aesthetically pleasing.

I love the overall Neutrality of this space, our only source of ‘color’ is in the flowers on the table and the pillows, easy to change by season or mood!


More casual than the previous space but so much brighter, livelier and more lived in! This could easily be a kitchen area for me and my family! Overall the hue is cool with warm colors coming from the tulips. I love the idea of a tone on tone design for a wall or even a gloss on matte design.


Beautiful, Simple and Timeless. It has a more traditional almost colonial feel with the ornate chair backs and the sisal looking seats. the light blue washed breakfront is a nice tonal contrast from the blue flooring and white chairs, and nicely pops off the gray wall. The hydrangeas add more white to the space and a nice center piece to the table.

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