Stairs {summer series 2012}

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How pretty is this staircase? beautiful white walls with the black banister so simple. I think the light fixture is a little high but otherwise, I like this space, very colonial and simple, no clutter and the simple use of line helps guide your eye.

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I really love this lighting technique. I almost wanted to save this for a lighting post but think it highlights this architectural piece so well it needed to be included here.

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OK so this is awfully cute BUT with my critters, they would be in a pile at the bottom of the stairs in no time. Also this is just something else to vacuum around and dust off..

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We can’t have a blog post on stairs without a spiral staircase. As fun and beautiful this is I could never live somewhere, where the only way UP is on a spiral staircase…moving furniture is a nightmare.

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Fun, idea and could be easy with the same paint and different stencils…get way to spice things up on a budget! {Plus I love yellow!}


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