Entry Ways {Summer Series 2012}

Our first impression of the interior of a home is the entry way…

I love the light in this entry way, the clean white walls and the contrasting black door. I like the bench as a place to come in and sit down or set something down once you come in. The Brick floors are durable and will wear well any time of the year!


I love this large scale wallpaper! So So pretty! I love all the light and the privacy. I think a sitting place is necessary in an entry way. A place to set down bags or take off muddy shoes!


Look at the brightly colored wall! It’s very crisp and cleaning looking with the white bench and opposing wall and frame. The fun pillows make it a fun entry into the home and very cheerful!


Again, I love the brick and the simplicity of black and white with pops of color on the settee. The bright light makes this very inviting and just pretty! Look at all those windows! The space has a very classic feel to it. Very homey and traditional.

{No Source Provided}

And in contrast to our previous photo this is very contemporary. Window Walls, brightly colored door and floor, geometric shapes, use of natural materials, and very large scale. The window wall provides a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape, almost like a living piece of art constantly changing.



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