the end & the beginning

{the end}

On Tuesday my hubby finished his 1st unit of CPE {Clinical Pastoral Education} at Scott and White in Temple. Me and his mom traveled down there to witness his ceremony and encourage him with our presence. {I apologize for the poor photo quality but I only took my iPhone!}

Everyone got ‘gag’ gifts, this is a microphone reminding him to speak up!

His class! He is the youngest by 10 years!

So incredibly proud of him, for seeking out this line of work, mastering his skill and for the encouragement he has received along the way! I am a very very happy wife and so glad of all he has accomplished!

{the beginning}

After his ceremony and a lunch with the graduates, we went to the Austin Airport and he left for an interview in Colorado Springs…After a full day of interviewing and touring the hospitals, we talked and he told me how confident he felt about the opportunity and those he would be working with. On thursday he flew home to Waco, with a JOB Offer in his pocket! And he didn’t tell me until we made it to the house!

Colorado Springs, here we come!

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