Doors {Summer Series 2012}

The 1st post of the Summer Series! Doors, inside doors, outside doors, closet doors, bathroom doors…all kinds of doors!

I am a total sucker for anything YELLOW! It’s a plus that these are narrow and that makes them a little more unique by our american standards! I also LOVE the details painted in another color, totally contrasts the yellow and the dull brown building color!


Remember what I said about LOVING yellow…well I also LOVE PINK! Especially with white and again I love the contrast, the white trim helps the Pink stand out even more than had the trim been black or some other dull color!
I love Dutch Doors…I would have one in my current home if I owned it…I think they are so practical and wonderful to use! I especially love that the exterior of this door is Turquoise and the interior is white!
This home has such a wonderful curb appeal, we also have a wider look at the structure that houses this door and allows for us to get a greater perception for what the designer/home owner wanted us to feel. The entrance feels homey and familiar, easy to love and comfortable. Exactly what a seller would want a prospective home buyer to feel if they were coming to visit! I love the lites at the top of the door, allowing extra sun light into the home/entry way. And allows the home owner to see out before answering, which is a a big plus to me!
This sliding barn door divides the bedroom from the bath. it is a sharp focal point for anyone to enters the room and coordinates with both spaces, making them feel like one.
So, yeah I love color…and contrast…and how fun is that wallpaper??
I love the privacy of this entry way. The height also makes up for the lack of actual floor space and makes this space feel much larger.
For more Door Examples, check out my Pintrest Board!

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