Camping {Sailers Style}

This weekend I went camping with my mom, her dog Evee and Asher. My parents bought their AirStream last summer and this was my first time to go on a trip and stay in it! Mom and Dad took a trip to Mount Rushmore last fall and have been to a few other places over the last year and really enjoy it!

All Packed up and ready to go!

Where we camped!

Me and Asher Camping in Style!!

Our Camp Site!

WE had wonderful weather and great lighting for photos!

Rusk Railroad Park, we walked over these each time we went on a walk! So green and beautiful!

We found this little creek running through the park, if Asher could smile he would have been grinning from ear to ear when he got in there!

Such a good camping buddy!

Evee did well on the trip too! She is an expert napper!

We walked down to the depot and there was this cute little chapel, not sure if it is still used but it was very cute and I just needed a photo of it!

Saturday Night Dinner! Yumm

My drink of choice, since we didn’t have the space necessary to make home made it was a great alternative and was quiet yummy with the fresh peach and blackberries!

It’s safe to say he was and is exhausted from this trip!

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