I tried to write this last night but I couldn’t. I had just left my foster from the Waco Humane Society with her new furever home.

Daisy was a member of our house for the past 6 months. She learned to grow in this time come out of her shell and give herself a chance to become a real dog. In addition to Daisy being adopted, both of the kittens we found have gone to homes. Spot has been adopted and Leopold is in a trial period, we will know for sure on Wednesday.

We went from a house of 7 (our 3 cats, Asher, Foster Daisy and the 2 Baby Kittens) to just our 4…Charlie, Shade, Huey and Asher.

Daisy, I know your new home will be so great. Your mom was so nice and was so excited to meet you and eager to take care of you. I am so happy that after these long months your furever mom found you!

Hey Spot boy!

I knew you would be the 1st to be adopted. I am so glad you got to go to a home that will love you!

Leopold, your to sweet not to love and I know you will find your furever home and I do hope it is where you are now!

As much as I love taking care of all these sweeties, I do admit it is hard to see them go…If you haven’t ever adopted please consider a shelter or rescue animal, they have so much love to give.


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