My fantabulous Easter Weekend {at home sweet home}

This is by far the most perfect way to start the day; sitting outside watching the cardinals eat breakfast on the bird feeders, drinking a cute of coffee and reading on my kindle with my pup at my feet.

Then Daisy and I went up to Petco for the Waco Humane Society Adoption Event, it being Easter Saturday it was kind of slow…but I got a good looking tan out of it! and Daisy got out of the house for a while!

Tradition at our house is to buy Easter/Valentine/Halloween Candy the day after, so I did. And I put them all in these cute jars to keep the kitties out of the candy!

I was never a fan of jellybeans until I had Starburst Jellybeans…they are jellybean gold and nothing is as good as they are.

Then I manicured my toes…and that is Asher’s nose!


For dinner I made, Tomato Soup (la madeline style) with homemade croutons and a nice spring leaf salad…yumm!

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