Greece {afternoon in the plaka}

So we had a whole afternoon to ourselves, we shopped, ate and visited museums…and had some gelato too.

These are a few street scenes we happened upon while walking.

Graffiti is different in Greece, it’s a way of communication and expression. There are a few rules 1) technically it is against the law but you can only get in trouble if your caught doing it 2) no graffiti on ruins/historical structures or new buildings 3) it’s encouraged to graffiti on public buildings such as libraries and museums

Outdoor Cafe

So we stopped for Gelato…and there is this sign outside with the ‘specials’ of the day…first one listed is “Erotica”

So Claire, walks in and says, “What is the Erotica?” And the guy brings out this Vanilla Gelato with a Mixed Berry Syrup with Dark Chocolate Chunks and she is like, “Yes please!”

Having Fun in the Plaka!

Actually they are trying to find the way back to the hotel…we got a little turned around!

They had these fruit stands all around the square! I wanted to ask how much 1 strawberry was because they looked so good!

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