What I Wore {week 1}

Ok this is my 1st time doing this and I FINALLY feel confident enough to try it out…it helps that I have been acquiring cute things to wear and getting rid of my massive tee shirt collection! I am using my iPhone and may have 2 photos each day.


Old Navy Striped 3/4 sleeve top with a white collarless 3/4 sleeve jacket, Diva Jeans, and TOMS burlap shoes


Old Navy Printed Pheasant Top with, Red American Eagle Sweater, Old Navy Diva Jeans and TOMS Silver Sparkle


moi, sporting an Old Navy Tee, Target Cardigan, with my Pandora Bracelet, My Flawed Perfection Custom made Ring and white drop pearl earrings.

Old Navy Diva Jeans and TOMS in Pink Linen


Dumb Incandescent Lighting makes me look like I rolled in Nacho Cheese Doritos, sorry about that..

{week of Old Navy let me tell you!} Old Navy floral top, ON Gray Cardigan, Diva Jeans and TOMS Silver Sparkles


Tonight we had the Truett Jr. High Valentine Dance

I wore an ON Red and White Striped shirt with my red AE sweater, ON Diva Jeans and White Leather Nine West Heels.

Hubs wore a Polo Red and white striped shirt with black pants, and his Chucks.


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