Inspiration Workshop- Bedrooms

I really love the frames over the bed! With words and the mirror helps the room feel bigger, so precious! The colors help keep the room calm but the punches of color help liven it up!

This is my all time favorite color scheme, so trendy and modern but could be versatile as well!

I love the texture of the bed! I also really like the mixture of materials, with glass, metal, wood and upholstery. The colors keep the space cool, fun and trendy!

Such a beautiful and simple space. The warm colors help you settle into this space with no problems.

I am in LOVE with this! Simple white wall with a big BOLD print!


One thought on “Inspiration Workshop- Bedrooms

  1. Love these room designs!!! In the first picture, I really love how the words are framed. It’s interesting how they add that modern, abstract lamp with the vintage, shabby chic frames…and yet it still works! I would never have done it but taking risks can always warrant some nice results!! I’m also really liking the pillow from the second picture and the color scheme in the fourth!!

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