Daisy, A14310762

Daisy is my foster dog from the Waco Humane Society

Animal Number 14310762

Last night, 1/10/12, Daisy got very sick. It was about 8 o’clock, she and Asher had dinner around 7 then went outside for a potty break and to run the yard one more time. They both were inside and chilling until Daisy sounded like she was going to throw up, when I got to her she had vomited, and was going to the bathroom all over herself. I cleaned her up, as much as I could, then tried to get her to go outside…that is when we realized she was un responsive. Her eyes were dilated, and she was slobbery. Now for a bassett mix she isn’t slobbery so I knew something was bad then. She leaned back and laid on the floor. I checked her gums for color, they were ashen. I called the Waco Emergency Animal Clinic, after speaking with the tech then the vet, it only made since to bring her in. This wasn’t something she would get over, she wasn’t acting like herself. So we loaded her in the car, all 47 lbs of dead weight. She became more responsive in the car; i.e. lifting her head from time to time.

When we arrived, the Vet was expecting us. She weighed Daisy and took her to the exam room. After signing the 1st sheet allowing them to proceed with the exam, the vet did a body check, listening to lungs and checking her pulse…her pulse was very hard to find. Her heart was muffled. She then went to the back for X-rays and Blood work. We had already decided it would be best for her to be there overnight, and since they were having trouble drawing blood, the vet was going to call after the blood test. We left the office at 9:45.

At 10:15 pm I got the phone call on her  blood work. Nothing out of the ordinary. So Daisy spent the night and had fluids all night.

This morning, 1/11/12, I picked up Daisy from the Clinic. The tech made it sound like she was only mildly better. I thought she was 1000x’s better!

Daisy was walking, wagging her tail and she was alert! I received copies of her medical and X-rays to go to our vet. She stayed at home today with Travis, he even sent me a text saying she was doing better. Not to energetic but she wasn’t lethargic either. She has an appointment with our Vet at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Her current bill is at $635.00, if you would like to help this poor girl out and pay for some of her medical bills, you can donate through PayPal to my account; shelbyclarke(at)me(dot)com….insert the @ and . I typed it this way so spammers don’t email me.

Daisy has her own page now.
Read it HERE!
Go straight to her ChipIn page HERE!

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