10 things I love about Asher

Asher 7 Weeks

10. His Size. I have loved every size as Asher grew…not going to lie when he was 4 lbs and fit in my lap was one of the cutest sizes! And his current size of 50ish lbs and still trying to fit in my lap, still ridiculously cute.

9.His Smell. I know TMI, but I know his smell and I love it especially after a bath. It lets me know he is ok and healthy.

8. His Temperature. I really love this now that it isn’t 115 degrees every waking moment…plus he has turned into my personal heater when I am on the couch.

7. His Routine.6:15am get up and go outside 7:00am go outside again and eat breakfast 8:00am go back to his room for the morning 12:00pm go outside and play with ball Come in at some point to sleep for the afternoon 5:00pm go outside and play with ball again 8:00pm eat dinner 8:15pm go outside again 8:30pm nap on couch until bed time

6. His obsession. Asher is obsessed with his ball. a Blue Bad Cuz Ball…seriously though he will chase any ball this just happens to be the one he hasn’t destroyed yet.

Asher 5 months old

5. His Eyes. Asher has one Brown and one Broken glass eye that is Blue and Brown. I love when he looks me in the eye.

4. His Spots. Too many to count but the cutest things on earth. God couldn’t have made him more beautiful.

3. His Comfort. Asher is such a comfort to me. I feel safe when I am home alone with him, and comfort in his barking and growling. I am comforted by him on a Sunday afternoon to nap on his back, while he rests his head in my lap.

2. His Ears. Have you seen them? They are quiet cute…one up and one down!

1. His Love. He loves me endlessly. Even when he knows he has done something wrong he comes to say sorry. He snuggles with me when he knows something is wrong and he won’t let Travis pick on me!

Asher, 13 Months

December 2011

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