Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

For those of you who are new to my blog and don’t know me. Our home was robbed last year the weekend before Christmas, after Christmas we had to go to Houston for a few days for Travis’ Grandfather’s Memorial Service after we returned home our cat, Sherwin, passed away. A few days later I adopted our polka dotted puppy, Asher and Travis went to Fredericksburg for a week. And somewhere in all of that I packed up and put away of 5′ fake douglas fir tree.

So after a wonderful thanksgiving with family, I came home ready to get in the spirit of Christmas and begin the search for the tree and ornaments and what not to get the house in the spirit.

Monday, I asked T to go out in the garage and get the tree. He says it’s not in there and can’t find it. I find this highly suspicious and am determined the tree is in the garage, he just over looked it. So that evening I go looking in the garage for the tree, sure enough I don’t see it either…

Tuesday, we come home and look in the garage again…and in the back room…under the beds…in the closets…in the shed out back…no christmas tree

Wednesday, I go buy a new tree. I am at Hobby Lobby at 6pm and there are a TON of people there and all I can think is surely they still have Christmas Trees. I am pretty sure I am the only crazy person in the city that has LOST their Christmas tree! There were so many people and no one was kind enough to move their cart out of the way. I knew what tree I wanted. I saw it a few months ago, shiny, white, skinny Christmas tree. As I round the corner I see the pink one, the blue one, the green one, the black one…and one 6′ white one…and it’s the LAST one…oh boy am I lucky! I grab the card and run to the register!

Here are a few photos of the new tree at home and all dolled up.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

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