Start Something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie- a Review

I was sent 2, yes 2 copies of Blake Mycoskie‘s new book, Start Something that Matters. This book is based on the TOMS business model and how to have a successful business and how to give back to the world. To have a cause and get others to care about it too.

I got my 1st pair of TOMS for my 23rd birthday. And I LOVE them! They are my all time favorite shoes and I recently realized how worn they were…holes in the back and I cracked the sole…yeah… but thank goodness there is a shop across from work that sells them! I just bought my second pair and would love to have another. (the shop were i bought my second pair is having a $10 off sparkly TOMS…very tempting!)

Since I own my own business, I was excited to read Mycoskie’s new book. Frankly reading business books is like having teeth pulled. But this was fun, he introduces you to companies that have tried and succeeded at this business model. You learn how much risk there is in getting into a new business and how to make friends in the industry. I realized how small TOMS was in the beginning and how frugality can make a company succeed! I love how Mycoskie talks about his “office” on Hollywood blvd and how he uses business cards…and his 1st phone call from Nordstroms. There is so much to learn and take away from this book.

If you are interested in Starting Something that Matters…I suggest you read this book. Whether it’s a non-profit here in the US or a for profit that helps locally. What matters is you learn how to do it and be successful.

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