All About Me- Day 29 {what have i learned} Day 30 {who am i?}

Day 29 {What have I learned in the past month?}

Wow, I learned working 2 jobs or 60+ hours a week is hard. I LOVE my part time job, i.e. ClarkeStudio. How could I not love photographing special moments in people’s lives? and creating custom products for them!? I get to hang out with them, get to know them, capture and create for them. I have also learned to listen to my clients, what I like may not be what they want. And in the end I want them to have a product they are happy with and I am proud to put MY name on.

Day 30 {who am i?}

I am Shelby Clarke, and didn’t I answer this question a few days ago? oh yeah on day 22…what makes me different…I think the past 30 days gives a much better description of who i am. I am not avoiding the question but I guess I am getting a little humble, i mean what else is there to say about me?


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