All About Me- Day 13 {letter}

Dear Students on Baylor Campus,

To those of you who ride your bicycles I applaud you for getting around quickly while getting exercise. However, to those of you who have no idea how to ride your bike while following bicycle etiquette, I secretly want to run you down.

You ride your bike on the road but have no regard for motorized vehicles. I am more willing to share my road with you if you don’t do stupid things that will get me put in jail. You consistently run red lights while I slam on my brakes and then have the nerve to flash me the bird like it’s my fault for going when my light is green.

To those who ride your bikes on the sidewalks, I hate walking when you’re not paying attention. I get run over from the front by you because your too busy changing songs on your iPod to notice I am walking. Then I get run over from behind because you don’t have a bell and don’t tell me your there until you’re on top of my ankles.

If you are going to ride your bike do me and everyone else in your community and on your block a favor and know the rules of the road and the etiquette of how to ride.




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