All About Me- Day 12 {blogging}

Ok so I didn’t always blog. I had a xanga account in college but someone took a post WAY too seriously and out of context so I closed my account. Yeah it was bad. So I began journaling the way I always had before I had a computer. I love to put thoughts into words and reread events. When we moved to Waco all the “older” people I knew blogged so I was real hesitant to get into it again. But Travis decided to write book reviews for, you picked a book from the website and they sent it to you for free if you wrote a review of it on your blog and on an online store like I thought I should really do this! Free Books! Heck ya!

So thats how my blog was born and since then it has grown to so much more than that! I have photo posts, personal posts, and a Project 365! Plus I love writing, and showing my photos to everyone. I may not be the most consistent blogger out there but I try and it’s not easy, some people are paid to blog! I most defiantly am not!


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