All About Me – Day 8 {Short Term Goals}

This month I want to truly learn to manage  my time within ClarkeStudio. I have plans for every weekend this month and at least 3 sessions! I want to learn how to pump out quality photos in a timely manner and be productive, but also spend time with my husband and my animals.

I also want to enjoy this time in Waco, one last time. We are {hopefully} moving to the Northwest this year and would like to enjoy this last fall in Texas.

I also want to help my baby sister in any way I can to help her plan her wedding, which I am super excited about! 🙂 I am in charge of looking for a wedding photographer and NOT getting pregnant. She hasn’t told me not to but I don’t want to take away the glory of her wedding! It is such a special time!

I also want to learn how to style my hair, this sounds dumb in all but I want to be creative and different not only in how i do my hair but how I dress and portray myself to society. I want to show people you can be creative and modest and still have fun!


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