All About Me -Day 6 {superhero}

So for all those kids that grew up and had baseball card fights between superheros…i have no idea if they actually did that or not but any how. Now you know how much I know about superheros…little to nothing. so my favorite superhero is……….














i have no idea.


but here is who i admired most as a child, the american girls series. when i got the books and catalog my favorite was felicity or kirstin. this was also the beginning of my love of history and reading. Kendra and I would runs round the school yard pretending to be these girls from 200 years ago. our imaginations went wild and we soaked up as mush as we could when history was taught. and we thought about how it impacted these girls. i think i admired these girls because they lived through such an interesting time, i mean at the time i thought there was nothing interesting about growing up in the 90’s, I have found being older in the 2000’s has proved very valuable and that this is my time. a time to understand what is happening in the world and how it will impact those coming after us.



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