All About Me -Day 2 {meaning}

So there isn’t much meaning behind my blog name/username/site.

it’s just my name.

Shelby L Clarke

But I could explain what my photo studio‘s name ‘means’.

It’s ClarkeStudio, technically photography isn’t on there. I added it later. Originally when I got my DBA I wanted to do Interior Design Consultations for Residences. Obviously that isn’t what I am doing so what happened?

Let’s start with my name, ClarkeStudio. Clarke is obviously my last name and Studio is where artist works. I don’t have a really art studio at the moment. (I hope to one day) What is funny is my name is Shelby, and my husband’s name is Travis. Clarke.S.T. (something else i went by for a short time)

I started my business in December of 2008. I worked for an Interior Designer for 3 month before I was fired in October of that year. After that I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t even know if I wanted to do Interior Design anymore. I couldn’t deal with people being so up tight about every detail of everything. {i am fairly laid back} I loved talking with people about design and suggesting things so people told me to start an interior design consultation company. Most residences were starting to do their own DYI projects as this was the beginning of the recession. But design was supposed to be fun, at least for me. So I wasn’t quick to begin consulting people other than family. I was worried about liability and other potential was I could or would maybe get sued. Plus how would I charge people? I knew nothing {and still don’t} know anything about the consulting business. It was a few weeks before I got my DBA, my husband bought me a Nikon DSLR (D60). I remembered how much I loved photography in High School. (I only abandoned it in College after my weird Art Prof told me she didn’t understand my style.) I am not quick to pose people and had fun doing portraits of my family and friends for the 1st year. I didn’t want to be another portrait photographer, I wanted to be different…it took me a while to find my niche but I think I finally found it. Pet and Lifestyle photography; my niche. A lot of things happened in my life that lead me to this area and if you knew me and you will by the end of October, you will find out this is who i am! I love animals…remember i wanted to be a Vet? and I love people being themselves and capturing photos of those special moments, moms and daughters hugging at the end of a special day, daddies spending time with his children and couples sharing a special moment. Plus…i have found ways of giving back with my gift of photography, a wonderful way of volunteering and remembering the difference made!

That is all for today! Feel free to comment…I’d love to hear from you!

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