All About Me -Day 1 {meet me}

1.I am the oldest child and grandchild on both sides of my family.

2. I have my Bachelors degree in Interior Design from Stephen F Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.

3. I love over cooked broccoli

4. I am obsessed with the color yellow + pink

5. I love to read, my favorite book is Pride + Prejudice. I also love The Help, Demon; a memoir, the Harry Potter books and memoirs in general.

6.  I first got into photography in High School, when I took Art; Photography my sophomore year.

7. I am the 1st girl in my family to get a college degree.

8. When I was in Kindergarten my dad signed me up for soccer. That only lasted one season, but I got an awesome hot pink and black soccer ball.

9. All the dogs we had growing up were rescues in some way or another. Our pup now is a rescue too.

10. I have been to the Galapagos Islands and to Israel.

11. I was very active in FFA in high school; I was 6th top Individual in the Horticulture competition in 2004, my senior year.

12. I really love history, especially early christian and byzantine.

13. I am 5′-2″ and my little sister is 5′-9″…we look NOTHING a like!

14. Growing up I wanted to be a Veterinarian, artist, landscape designer, or a teacher.

15. One of favorite movies of all time is The Philadelphia Story. It means so much to me now because we watched it the night we came home and found our house robbed. We spent the right at a friends house and they had it, we wanted to watch something funny and that would make us smile again. it did.

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