Pawsitively Texas

I have recently joined ranks with one of the top fighting forces for animal rescue in Texas, Pawsitively Texas.

Here is a little bit more about them:

Pawsitively Texas, Founded December 2008 The mission was to create an environment for animal lovers to connect across Texas for fun and to ignite our passions for pawsitive change. By networking pet lovers and animal rescue groups my goal is to mobilize current local initiatives for the greater welfare of animals through public awareness and education. In doing this, we strengthen and mobilize efforts in caring for lost, abandoned, or unwanted animals. I want to be a contributor to the many rescue groups and individuals who work so hard to save lives and find forever homes for these precious animals by helping you do what you do best and getting your message out to as many as possible..

• I Love Animals!
• Am against killing healthy/adoptable animals.
• Encourage Spay/Neuter – and the creation of low-cost S/N and vaccination programs throughout Texas
• Want to see a pawsitive change in Texas with better regulated shelters and becoming a no-kill state.
• Celebrate our pets & advocate for those in need.

With as our central meeting place, I desire to provide a one-stop resource center for pet adoption resources, networking, grant, marketing, fundraising information, animal service, and a fun place to laugh about and share the wonderful gifts our pets bring into our lives. As the network founder, I, personally desires to utilize my marketing communications expertise to help bring attention to your local efforts. By allowing to come alongside you and assist in promotions, you can dedicate more time to caring for the animals in need of love and forever homes.

I’ve self-funded all marketing, web, outreach, and rescues/fosters (we’ve taken in) for Pawsitively texas since December 2008; I want to do MORE and that takes money, – and I’ve spent a lot to date! – so I am launching a small product line in Fall 2010 to help propel Pawsitively Texas to the next level in assuring pawsitive change in Texas.

I also have a very active page on Facebook; please join us there too – really good things are happening with the networking work of compassionate people and lives are being save!


And another awesome thing is I wrote a guest blog post on Natural Light Effects…no lie I was super worried even with all my classes from years past and all my time behind a camera, I would say something utterly stupid. Other photographers are reading this and I was worried I wouldn’t be credible. But I believe it turned out well and I didn’t say anything stupid. I really hope my advise helps rescues and shelters photograph their animals with ease and they are please  with the results! My Lighting post will go up tomorrow morning…on my blog….



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