Inspiration Workshop- Week 16 {favorite shop}

I don’t do much shopping for fun, but i do love to prowl  etsy for the newest and cutest things out there!

As a Photographer, a good camera strap is key. I love my Cotton Candy Camera Strap! When I traveled to Israel this past year it was great because everyone knew where my camera was! I don’t think anyone would have been brave enough to steal it!

This is my camera strap and I LOVE it! I use this on my Nikon D60, and it’s perfect!

She has almost every color combination under the sun and there is something for everyone out there!

Another Favorite shop of mine is Flawed Perfection Jewelry. Megan is a wonderful jewelry design and creates some beautiful pieces, I know I own several of her pieces!

One other place I stop and look around on Etsy is Urban Creatures. They repurpose old tee shirts into, necklaces, bracelets, pillows, brooches, hair pieces and are so creative with it!

I think this is SO cool! It would even cooler in Baylor Green and Gold!

I hope you enjoy prowling around my favorite shops! and leave a comment with your favorites or your own shop if you have one! Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and of course I love the Gussy Shop, but I thought that would be a given since she is sponsoring the Inspiration Workshop! 🙂

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