Inspiration Workshop- Week 15 {Books}

Books, i have way to many of them. i love love to read.

like 3 full bookshelves 3′ wide to 8′ tall. and not to mention the 3 small ones i have scattered through the house as well!

here is a sneak peek:

Asher loves to nap in front of our books…nice decor for the living room too.

of all my books my most all time favorite is :

Pride & Prejudice, nothing compares to this book. i could reread this for the rest of my life and fall in love with the characters over and over again.

another favorite:

The Help, i read this last year and fell in love. the characters were so life like i cried at the end because the book was over!

i also love to read memoirs, picking dandelions, evolving in monkey town, o me of little faith, the color of water; etc.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


6 thoughts on “Inspiration Workshop- Week 15 {Books}

  1. Oh I LOVE Pride and Prejudice!! Its absolutely hands-down my favorite book ever. I could also read it till the end of time 😉 I really want to read The Help too. Did you see the movie? 🙂 I popped over from Gussy. 🙂


    • Erin, I did see the movie and as good as it is the book is way way better! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the movie! Thanks for stopping by!

      Shelby 🙂

  2. oh how I love Pride and Prejudice! I love homes filled with books it makes this librarian’s heart sing!

  3. hehe, I knew what book that was with the first sentence. 🙂 And I also just recently read The Help – I really liked it, although I was wishing for more when it ended! Looking forward to seeing the film.

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